Wadidaw.co.id – Since contact lenses were invented and millions of people have used them, most of them are still often mistaken in interpreting it. In fact, not infrequently the habit that is often done is very dangerous for the health of their eyes. What are the 5 dangerous mistakes?


1. Sleeping uses contact lenses

No matter how tired you are after a day of activities, never forget (or be lazy) to remove contact lenses before going to sleep. During sleep, bacteria in contact lenses can flourish under warm, moist eyelids. This has the potential to cause corneal irritation which in the long term can make the eyes feel so painful that they experience blindness.

2. Cleaning the lens without a special cleaner

Always use a special contact lens cleaning solution (solution) that functions not only to shed deposits and kill microbacteria, but also can provide longer moisture when contact lenses are worn. Never clean contact lenses with tap water because they contain germs that are harmful to eye health. You can also bring a solution in a small, practical package such as Aquasoft Unidose so you don’t have to bother when you have to clean contact lenses anywhere.

3. Using contact lenses exceeds the recommended lifetime

If you buy contact lenses with a life span of 1 month, then after 1 month has passed since the period of use, it is better to replace with new ones. No matter how good you keep it clean, contact lenses that have exceeded the recommended lifetime are at risk of causing eye infections that trigger blindness. Characteristics of contact lenses that have expired is the eyes feel sore, itchy, or a lump when worn.

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4. Using other people’s contact lenses

Even if you have the same minus or cylinder size as other people, it doesn’t mean you can exchange contact lenses. Risks that will arise are virus transmission, corneal infection, and red eye.

5. Buying contact lenses with low prices that are not guaranteed quality

Buy contact lenses that have been clinically tested and have good quality. Do not be easily tempted by offering contact lenses (especially colored) at low prices but can cause damage to the harvester’s eyes. It’s a good idea to consult in advance the right type of contact lenses through your optician and optometrist.

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